AFCAA Women Lose to Michigan Legends 1-0


The AFC Ann Arbor women’s team failed to grab a second win in the team’s history, and finished with a 1-0 defeat against Michigan Legends for the second time this season. Alex Thomas was the only scorer of the match who found the net at the sixty minute mark. This was the fourth loss of the season, however there are still five matches to play and plenty of time to improve the placing in the table.

Michigan Legends kept most of the possession throughout the first half and they were also the team who found the very first shot of the match. In the 2nd minute, Alex Thomas from the Legends created a one-to-one opportunity but Victoria Norris in the net denied it with a kick save. Norris faced on the similar threat from Thomas in 20th minute, but was able to save it again. AFCAA’s attacking force was led by Mami Yamaguchi who found some brilliant attacking possession as a whole. AFCAA’s best opportunity of the match, and perhaps of the day, was from Tatiana Mason, with a sweet long-range shot from her left foot. Ultimately, though, the crossbar saved the day for Legends.

In the start of the second half, The Mighty Oak came out with a new keeper, Sofia Sweier, who then faced a long range shot but handled it well. AFCAA responded to the shot quickly as Rachel Sweigard drilled a well-taken shot which hit the far left post. The first and only goal of the game came out three minutes after Sweigard’s shot, and it was from Legends. The newcomer Sweier made a clearing mistake which then Alex Thomas rushed onto and found an empty net in the 60th minute.

The Mighty Oak then made an effort to equalize in the last 20 minutes but shots from Tatiana Mason and Jenna Smith went wide. AFC would continue to press forward, and attempt to limit Legends’ opportunities, but nothing would come about for the home side. The last four minutes of stoppage time were dominated by AFCAA but failed to make the product and failed to upset the scoreline of 0-1.

AFCAA failed to get revenge of the 1-0 defeat in the Legends away game which took place on May 25th at the Canton Cup. The Mighty Oak women are back in action on June 4th at 6 PM as they host North Oakland in a Michigan Milk Cup quarter-final.