To Serge & Moco | From Stephen Turnbull

Pictured from left to right: Stephen Turnbull, Martieon Watson and Serge Gamwanya

Pictured from left to right: Stephen Turnbull, Martieon Watson and Serge Gamwanya

Throughout my time at Stony Brook I have learned many things that have helped me evolve as a soccer player, and also as an individual. Amongst other people, there are two guys in particular that contributed to my evolution: Serge Gamwanya and Martieon “Moco” Watson.

Most college players will tell you that the hardest part of college is adapting as an 18 year old freshman. The summer before my first season I spent every day with these two guys doing fitness and building strength to put myself in the best situation to have success. No matter how tough the running was or how hot it was out on that field, these guys pushed me through it all, and for that I am thankful. As a result I was fortunate enough to play every game in my first year. Without them my freshman year could have looked very different.

As my college career went on the three of us developed a very strong bond. They taught me the Norwegian and Trinidadian culture which I will hold onto for the rest of my life. The greatest thing about soccer is the different cultures, and nations. I truly am blessed to have met two teammates that have traveled such a long way to share their culture.

This past summer Serge, Moco, and I were fortunate enough to represent the amazing club AFC Ann Arbor. I cannot begin to describe what this opportunity has meant to me, it changed me as a player, and person and I will be forever thankful to the club. This summer allowed me to train hard and enjoy the city of Ann Arbor with my best friends; I got the best of both worlds. Our relationship grew even stronger this summer with The Mighty Oak, forming a bond we will hold onto forever.

After the season with Ann Arbor we went back to New York to begin their senior season. This season was a huge success for the team, and for Serge and Moco individually. Unfortunately for me I had some health issues that ended up sidelining me for the whole season, but that wouldn’t stop me from motivating my brothers! All season long we would make jokes saying “watch out for the Ann Arbor boys” or as Moco would say “Ann Arbor boys dem dangerous.”

I was able to share the honor of being a captain along side of Moco and Serge this year. This opportunity meant so much to me as I was able to learn, from two of the best! Moco and Serge ended their season in a shiny matter, as they both were highly decorated in awards that they both absolutely deserved.

These two guys are amongst the best players I have ever played with, but what makes them so special to me is the relationship I have built with them. They will be my great friends for life. I can’t describe how much these two will be missed everyday in the locker room and out on the field. I wish they didn’t have to graduate but, I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with them.

Congratulations to Moco and Serge on an outstanding college career. The future is extremely bright for you two. Much love for my brothers!


-Stephen Turnbull