The Hicks


How many years have you been an AFC Ann Arbor member? 2

Who do you come to the games with typically? Family and friends

Who is your favorite AFC Ann Arbor player? Why? We couldn't possibly choose and it just wouldn't be right for you to make us ; ) we love every player and staff member. AFC AA is an amazing club and we love how everyone takes the time to engage with fans.

Why is AFC Ann Arbor so special to you? What do you love most about the club? AFC AA is a great club with a hometown feel. We love the welcoming nature and family friendly atmosphere of each game. We truly feel like a part of a family!

How does it make you feel knowing you're helping build something from the ground up? Our journey with AFC AA began because of the proximity of the games to our house. After one game we were hooked. We have gone to almost every home and away game to show our support. We plan to make every home and away game this season. 

It feels amazing to be a part if this club. We love watching it grow and enjoy every aspect if being a member.

What is your most memorable AFC Ann Arbor moment? After the away game at Indiana FC the team took the time to take a picture with Declan for his birthday. That made his birthday so very special and we couldn't thank the club enough for taking the time to do that.