AFC Ann Arbor Partners with Titan GPS


AFC Ann Arbor has created a unique partnership with one of the up and coming brands in the sport science and data analytics space, Titan GPS. Titan GPS offers unparalleled data accuracy and tracking precision in real time. Along with GPS Stats, Titan has integrated a synchronized HD Video and Player Readiness component to their system, blending a science, technology & emotional based holistic approach to tracking player performance.

“This is a big step for our club,” commented AFC Ann Arbor Sporting Director, Eric Rudland. “Titan GPS will not only enhance the player experience, their product will enable us to care for our athletes on a deeper level and push us forward competitively on the training and match pitch. Titan’s product is the epitome of useful information and this partnership further proves our club’s aim to provide a first class football experience.”

"We are thrilled to be the providers of advanced performance data for AFC Ann Arbor athletes and coaching staff through the Titan GPS system," said Stéphane Smith, Integrated Bionics Inc CEO.  

"Partnering with an organization committed to player excellence such as AFC Ann Arbor is a tremendous opportunity for us as a company. Driving innovation to improve athlete health and performance is our mission and relationships with forward thinking clubs like AFC Ann Arbor enable us to really push GPS sports technology in new and exciting directions," he added.

Through this unique partnership AFC Ann Arbor will have access to Titan GPS sensors throughout the entirety of the 2018 NPSL Season. The data compiled by Titan GPS will be used by AFC Ann Arbor’s Technical Staff to maintain appropriate fitness levels and monitor player performance. Furthermore, player data will be shared on a weekly basis with all of the college coaches, agents and affiliates who have players with AFC Ann Arbor for the 2018 season. This will allow the aforementioned to stay in tune with their player’s progress throughout the course of the season.


About AFC Ann Arbor

Association Football Club Ann Arbor (AFC Ann Arbor) was founded in 2014 by local soccer fanatic, Jamey Amrine, with the goal of creating a community based club that would promote the game on a larger scale. After partnering with 8 local entrepreneurs and community members in early 2015 to form the AFC Ann Arbor Board of Directors, the club competed in the Great Lakes Premier League during its inaugural campaign. The ownership group has expanded to 15, with 2 former professional athletes in that group including Knox Cameron (Columbus Crew) and Shane Battier (Miami Heat). After a successful first year, the club made two major moves in the off-season hiring Head Coach & Sporting Director, Eric Rudland, as well as joining the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). In the club's inaugural NPSL season, they finished second in the Great Lakes west conference, and were one of sixteen teams (out of 90 + teams) to secure a playoff berth. 2017 was monumental year as the club won it's first playoff game, first conference championship and broke 12 club records. The club’s fourth season kicks off in May as The Mighty Oak look to continue their winning ways in 2018.


About Titan GPS

Integrated Bionics, Inc, was founded in 2013 by former NASA engineers and medical professionals to bring advanced instrumentation and human performance analysis to elite sporting teams internationally.  Integrated Bionic's latest sensing platform, Titan GPS, delivers the most accurate position, velocity, acceleration tracking system in the industry. Coupled with latest in sports science and machine learning technology, Titan is enabling coaches to quantity athlete workload in unprecedented accuracy and simplicity, and efficiently use captured data to adapt training to better prepare athletes for the physical demands of competition.  Integrated Bionics looks forward to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible with athlete tracking and performance analysis.