Glen Feak


How many years have you been an AFC Ann Arbor member? 3

Who do you come to the games with typically? The Main Street Hooligans

Who is your favorite AFC Ann Arbor player? Why? Yuri Farkas & TJ Tomasso. They work hard during the matches

Why is AFC Ann Arbor so special to you? What do you love most about the club? 

#1 - the matches are exciting, with great rivalries
#2 - The Main Street Hooligans make the games even more fun
#3 - it's local, so I can make almost all the matches

How does it make you feel knowing you're helping build something from the ground up? I primarily chose them because they were local and I like soccer. I've stayed with them because they are exciting and fun. It feels great to help build them up!

What is your most memorable AFC Ann Arbor moment? Toss-up: Defeating DCFC at home last year and winning the Milk Cup!