Gabi & Alex Severt


How many years have you been an AFC Ann Arbor member? 1

Who do you come to the games with typically? Husband Alex

Who is your favorite AFC Ann Arbor player? Yuri Farkas

Why is AFC Ann Arbor so special to you? What do you love most about the club? The guys play for the love of the game, nothing more, nothing less. It's amazing how talented they are. The quality of play truly catches people off guard.

How does it make you feel knowing you're helping build something from the ground up? There's something special about a home town club. Something you can be proud of as a part of the Ann Arbor community.

What is your most memorable AFC Ann Arbor moment? As much as it hurt, the 2017 Midwest playoff game. Playing with heart and guts with a man down and never quitting is something that makes a fan into a supporter.